The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes everything feel effortless. — Vitali Cortesi


It seems like the journey had only just began, a new Art gallery was destine to be born, in the heart of hipsters paradise, the art voyagers, a quirky city which was describe one of the best in the world, better than London and Paris according to travel  Gallery Du 808 is not just another art gallery settling into the fine neighbourhoods of Bristol, UK.

It is in fact one of the most unique art galleries to hit the south of west, with very few art gallery that offer an alternative for the art community.  Gallery Du 808 seems to of nailed it on the head for 2018, if you’re an artist or interested in art; keep an eye out for this up-coming space.

What can we expect from this fine art gallery?  Do you ever feel like most Art galleries are taking advantage of Artist, as if they have devaluated the meaning of Art by showcasing high prices and commission nearly 80% of what the artist sales.  It’s no wonder those of a creative spirit are now trying to find new way to expose their art!

But, every now and then, you’ll find a new comer, someone who will open a fresh art gallery targeted for the people, designed by the people!  Well look no further.. literally!

Gallery Du 808 is no ordinary art gallery, from the research I’ve done, their rates is an artist’s dream come true.  They believe that anyone with a great talent deserve a change to showcase and sale their art to the public, it’s not about who you know or how many exhibitions you’ve had, its about the community support between artist and opening a bigger connection.

So why is Gallery Du 808 the go to place for an Artist!

They have one of THE best rates for Artist’s to participate in their Exhibition/Showcasing, with 70% commission to the artist.  (if you don’t know already, most art galleries will only give 30% to the Artist on all sales, the trading drastically changes in 2009 after the recession hit, leaving most art galleries to keep prices high).

The Art Gallery is situated in Bristol Shopping district in the city centre with over 22,000 shoppers passing through each month.  It’s a hot spot for sales, the gallery will also be offering fun art classes for beginners.  These art classes are made as a walk in centre, think of it as a space for you to walk in and pay as you go to use these delicious paint brushed.  The art gallery will also run on several workshops, those include, still life painting, beginners art classes and walk in workshops for anyone to use.

This is will a fun and inspirational art gallery, filled with friendly and approachable staff.  From what I have gathered, the kool new art gallery is due to open in late April 2018, keep an eye out for the opening.

Spread the words to your artistic friends, this may be the opportunity they’ve been waiting for.

James. P. Barson.

Publisher – Write for Art